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Lucida Lights, 2014

by Lena Krasnovski & Talia Janover for USHKI Design Studio

The Lucida light fixture is a symmetrical sculptural object made of Corian®. Its accurately crafted joinery forms a seamless sculptural object. When lit, it becomes ethereal and radiant, with a native 'analog'-faded intensity, beautifully contrasting a geometrical shape, that seems to be 'made of light'. 


Presented at:

Deli & La Culture Random Rules Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, curated by Dar Rotem & Itay Blaish, 2014

NightLight TLV, art and light festival, Neve Sha'anan, Tel-Aviv, curated by Yasha Rozov & Ivry Baumgarten, 2015

Lucida is now being developed by Lena Krasnovski and Yonathan Elami - for more  info please contact >> Lucida Lights

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