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Excavation Memory, 2020

A speculative Design, Installation - An archaeological site for memories before destruction of building  by Noa Ilan, Noëmie Cohen & Talia Janover


'Excavation Memory' is an archeological site where excavation and cataloging of memories are carried out by a team of researchers. Between the demolition of a building and the construction of a new real estate project, we pause and ask - What happens to the material and memories it possess that are casually disposed of in the demolition act?

An archaeological excavation is essentially an act of destruction that occurs on historic and valuable sites. Reacting to urban renewal trends and their ecological ramification, the designers wanted to give the same value to the building, its rich past and the memories it has absorbed over the years.

Excavation memory is a manifesto project that stands against the massive building demolition happening in Israel due to a lack of investment in renovations of buildings. It is a call to change real estate interest from purely economical ones into ecological ones that consider the environment and urban renewal in a new way.

Entering the room, the visitor finds an archaeological site where an excavation is being carried out by a team of researchers. The remains on display are the ones uncovered and cataloged during the excavations - valuable pieces from the personal history of the place.

Presented at:

Pop-up Museum TLV2, curated by Year Sachs, 2020

Project sponsors: @trigon_lighting, @carmelfloor and elihu gol building ltd.


Photos by Idan Goor

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