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Future of Food, Speculative Design workshop, 2023

Workshop for Design Museum Holon and Mdes Bezalel 


As part of the Design Fiction course within the MDes program at Bezalel, under the guidance of Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, students participated in a collaborative project with the Design Museum Holon and the Materials Library. During this endeavor, students delved into the library's extensive collection of materials, engaging in an exercise to design an artifact from a chosen envisioned future.

The workshop, hosted by the Materials Library and led by Talia Janover, curator of the exhibition 'A Taste of the Future,' and Lior Harmoni, director of the Materials Library, tasked students with conceptualizing an object related to the act of eating an egg in a future characterized by significant ecological changes, where people live in new types of groups and communities. This innovative exploration empowered students to contemplate the future landscape and cultivate unique and creative perspectives on designing for a world where resources are scarce, thereby fostering critical thinking in the process.

Among the works submitted by the students were coupons inspired by the period of austerity that are the egg, holograms selling a subscription to egg caviar along with accompanying eating utensils, an "egg" wrapped in algae and filled with fish, a tool for making egg-based cocktails for special events celebrated with neighbors, and a dessert cookware designed for a soft and perfect egg. Each product is accompanied by a future scenario that inspired the project's design, providing a rich context for their imaginative creations.


Photos by Amit Martin Mansharof

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