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Paper Lights Workshop, 2015

Workshop design by Talia Janover for Craft & Bloom

A do it yourself three-hour workshop for creating a triangular LED lamp from a paper layout.

The shape of the lamps at several levels of difficulty adapted to the different ability of the micro. The workshop is designed so that the creator makes his mark on the material during the production - the creation of the layout is according to a pre-designed scheme but allows an expression that makes a difference between the lamps when they are illuminated.


The lamps appear to be completely white when they are off and when lit, all the colored markings made in the layout and marked within them - become illuminated. Each one is very different and different according to who designed it. The workshop takes the material capabilities and expresses the creator through the form created and the change it produces


Presented at: 

The ‘Creative Roughness’ Contemporary Israeli Design Exhibition at World Capital Design in Taipei 2016

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