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SYZYGY, 2014

Interactive Installation by Lena Krasnovski & Talia Janover for USHKI Design Studio

SYZYGY is a straight line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system. Syzygy is a kinetic light installation by USHKI design studio The installation is an illumination of the relationship between three bodies on a single revolving axis.

The outer halo projects light through the inner round Plexiglas disk creating an outer glow on one side of it. The glow changes possession on the wall as the rod connecting the three bodies rotates. The movement’s speed is determined by an interactive rotation.


Presented at:

Deli & La Culture Random Rules Exhibition, Tel-Aviv, curated by Dar Rotem & Itay Blaish, 2014

NightLight TLV, art and light festival, Neve Sha'anan, Tel-Aviv, curated by Yasha Rozov & Ivry Baumgarten, 2015

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